NEW generation fulvic and humic product
Powered by Nature

RE:GREENER is a highly efficient and practically feasible complex of fulvic and humic acids with micro elements in the form of chelates that increases seed germination and reduces stress caused by pesticides, frost or drought.

100 % SOLUBLE! Easy to use in small doses. Use it with both watering or spraying method. 

RE:GREENER contains trace elements in form of chelates. RE:GREENER improves plant productivity and yield quality.

RE:GREENER principe of exposure:
Soil elements such as calcium, magnesium, aluminium and iron, RE:GREENER forms organic-mineral bridges, combining soil particles in the correct order and helping the plants to absorb the necessary elements in the form of chelates  The product improves the physical properties of the soil by helping to resist soil erosion, maintaining more oxygen and moisture, and creating a favorable environment for the development of the microflora.

NB Important to know that RE:GREENER is not a fertiliser, but a natural carrier that provides plant and soil metabolism and delivers the trace elements found in the soil directly into the cell! Do not exceed the recommended dosage. RE:GREENER is recommended for use with a solution with a pH level above 4.5 pH.